About the Blogger

Welcome to my blog!

If you clicked on over here, it means your curious about the face behind the words.  Well, welcome to my little piece of the internet and it’s nice to meet you.  My name is Mindy.  I’m a mother of two and a wife to a United States Navy Veteran.  I’m crunchy to an extent, but still prefer some modern not-so-crunchy things as well.  I’m a writing, crafty, organized, fitness loving Mommy just trying to get by day to day and make it out alive all while trying to find myself in this world.

The title of my blog comes from an inside joke with my husband.  He simply could not remember that the word was crunchy and called my habits “cripsy” and the nickname has stuck ever since.  I find it fitting because I might have crunchy tendencies, but I definitely do not fit the mold.  What’s the fun in life if you can’t break some rules?

So come on in, have a seat, have a cup of tea with me and enjoy my life.  These are my thoughts and feelings and I am a real person behind these words.  Enjoy <3.


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