Pumpkin Patch

One of our first Fall Bucket lists every year is the Pumpkin Patch!

Living in San Diego the last 3 years, I was super excited to live somewhere that has fall weather and green farms :).

We found a local farm hosting a special even for military members the last week of September.  They gave the military member a free pass into the corn maze and the dependents were 50% off.  So we went to make use of this offer and check out my first corn maze ever.  We didn’t have any in our town growing up, so I was pretty excited!

We bought some snacks and drinks and then headed into the maze.  My husband and I were pretty laid back at first and didn’t really take a chance to look at the map.  There were 8 check points inside the maze you were suppose to find and use the hole punch at each check point on your card.

taking a photo before entering the maze

After we got inside the maze, some where between super lost and just kind of lost, my husband and I became competitive.  So we were determined to finish the maze.  DETERMINED.

along for the ride

she thought all the corn was “so cool Mommy!”

We did finish the maze.  It was a bit hectic, I was sweating by the end after trekking through all of the maze.  We had to back track a few times after getting a bit lost on our way to the next posts.  We had fun though and I really enjoyed it.

After the corn maze was over, we let Cecilia go through the hay maze they have set up for the kids.  She had fun, but got lost and had to have Daddy come to the rescue :).

running through the hay maze with Daddy’s hat on

I’m glad we got the chance to take them this year.  I wanted to make a second trip, but the timing just never worked out.  Timing it out with all the colds we’ve seem to have caught this month cycling through the 4 of us, and getting out of the house in time to get there before nap times would be ticking away at us [the farm is about 30 minutes away from us].  But I loved it, the kids had a blast, it’s one of my favorite fall activities :).

my son and I after surviving the corn maze!

The funniest part?  It was a Sunday and my husband wanted to wear his jersey [patriots] to the pumpkin patch, but I asked him not to cause I didn’t want it to get ruined!  We show up and guess what we see?  Another guy wearing a Tom Brady jersey.  SERIOUSLY!?  It had to be the exact same jersey my husband would have worn.  Sheesh.  Wife fail at that moment :).

my husband and I lost in the maze

Cecilia playing with the trikes they had set out for the kids

my little farmer ❤


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