Life After the Navy

So recently, obviously, we talk a LOT about life after the Navy.

For those that don’t know, Rich is due to get out of the Navy in January 2014.  He was not allowed to reenlist because of the little rule that says you have to have two good evaluations [back to back, not overall in your career] to be able to reenlist.  My husband had the misfortune of letting the last deployment get to his head and he punched a guy in the jaw.  I don’t hold it against him, they had been stuck on the boat for almost 2 months at that point with no port call and this guy had been bugging him since day 1 and we were on 7 months and still going at that point.  The guy pissed him off and he punched him.  They both went to Captain’s Mast [or Mass?  no one can ever give me a clear answer on that] and he got put on restriction.  It’s why we missed out on homecoming last year.  Don’t even get me started on my slightly unresolved emotions about not only not having my husband at the birth of our son because of the deployment, but then also being denied the “New Mom” moment on the pier.

Moving on…

So then the following evaluation of course was not a “good” eval.  It wasn’t super bad, but they had to take that CM into consideration.  That only leaves room for one more evaluation before his contract is up.  So based on that rule, he can’t reenlist.  Period.  There is not enough time for him to get another eval in.  Lame sauce.

My husband is upset.  He was a lifer at heart.  Wanted to do at least the full 20, but I wouldn’t have pushed it past him to be a man that reached for the 30 year retirement.  He goes back and forth at what to do come 01/2014 — for awhile it’s been pretty steady looking at getting a civilian job.  Which is fantastic in a lot of ways.  There’s a high chance we’d get to move home to Virginia and be close to family. YAY.

But recently, he’s been liking the idea of going Army a lot.  To the point he’s going to go see the recruiter again this week.  I support him no matter what, but there is a small part of me that it’s a “grass is greener” scenario where it sounds like life in Army will be better than life in the Navy moment.  But we both like the security the military gives our family and we both enjoy moving around the country.  So that’s a plus.  I do know that if he goes Army, that gives him even more experience for life after the military.

I’m torn and it’s not even really my decision.  I just want him to be happy.  I want him to come home from work not being pissed off that he’s been on the same boat for 4 years now because of this.  I want him to be able to further his career in the direction he wants it to go.  I want to be able to go back to school and get my Masters once C is in school.  I want to eventually settle down somewhere and grow old with my kids and my husband.  So whichever road keeps us on that direction, I’ll be happy.


And just for the record since I mentioned, our little homecoming was still memorable and amazing.  It was still the first moment my husband got to hold his son — so that made it worth the wait.  I might have some emotions about not having the big homecoming, but we were still blessed to get these moments.


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