the simple things

So the easiest post to type up about leave would be the lazy days.  I don’t think we spent a lot of days at home 100%, but we spent a lot of days just doing the normal things.  Waking up with the kids, still getting our workouts in, letting the kids play around the house, going out on the patio before lunch, getting naptimes at home for both kids, and then maybe heading out to the store afterwards.

I have no words to explain why it’s SO NICE to just go to the grocery store as a family.  To be able to divide and conquer always makes things easier, to have my husband there to push the kids, to help distribute snacks, so nice!  Especially at places like Target.  We have a solid routine for Target — he takes J in a cart and I take C.  None of the giant carts that I hate that are like driving a boat, but we each have a kid and it stops any fighting, any jealousy over attention, and we both can go look at the things we want to look at [men’s clothes for him and sadly, baby clothes for me!  lol].  We almost always get two pretzels [unsalted, no butter] when we get there to split with the kids and it’s such an enjoyable shopping trip.  I love it.

We also went to the mall out here a few times to let the kids play in the play area.  It’s really nothing all that special, it’s actually pretty lame compared to most mall play areas, but it works and the kids have fun running around for a bit.  We’d let them play for about 30-45minutes [which I observed is way longer than most parents, most parents average 5 minutes, 10 minutes max there] and then head out to either get lunch in the food court or get a cookie at Mrs. Fields for the 4 of us to split.   We even got to shop a bit.

It was just nice.  In the evenings are kids were pretty calm cause they would get all their energy out at the mall and both parents were home, so life was good in their worlds.

After the kids would go to bed, we’d watch movies or play board games!  My husband and I really got into board games during his leave and I loved it.  We played Risk and Settlers of Catan [the card version, since the board game needs 3+] mostly, but it was so fun and had me researching for more games like those for us to play.  We even played Halo a few times together [I’m a video gamer girl at heart, but first person shooters are hard for me to follow cause I get dizzy too easily, lame I KNOW — I’m working on it!  My husband helped me with the controls and realized that I work much better with a the buttons set up differently — so I’m doing ok, still learning though, lol — and still prefer Final Fantasy games over this :P].  I loved our evenings together.  I love how geeky we are :P.

So life was just nice those days and that was the majority of the days he was home.  For the last 4 years of our marriage, he’s been deployed for almost 2 of those 4 years.  Ridiculous right?   We’ve officially been living together for the longest straight amount of time in our marriage and it’s definitely brought us closer, fixed a few holes we had, and given us a great routine that we’ve never had.  He was never home long enough for us to have a family routine.  So I think his leave accomplished what we really needed, time to just be a family <3.



playing Risk with the husband — with tea and cookies 🙂



I WON!!!!  🙂


we also did some minor rearranging of our living room.


most of his leave was like this — sunny, cool, and nice 🙂


family photo 🙂


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