life got in the way

Isn’t that how it always goes?

At least for us it is.  I mean to do so many things and I blink and it’s time to go to sleep at night.  My days are so FULL that I barely have time to be on the internet most days.  I’m making time right now, taking time away from other things [like my dishes in the dishwasher that need put away, or the laundry I need to get started] to fit this post in.

I feel like a crappy blog for that reason.  How does everyone else find time?  Seriously?!

I know, I know… you sacrifice time here to make time for things there.  Right?  I get that.  It’s how I workout more than most people who say they don’t have time to workout.  I make time for it.  And apparently internet is at the bottom of my list of priorities.

That’s not to say I’m not around.  I’m a huge Instagram nut — but that takes a few minutes to check and I can go about my day.  But blogging?  This takes more time than I feel I have lately.  So I’m trying.  I will eventually post about my husband’s leave so I can highlight the exciting points.

proof of my love of instagram! 🙂

Life just seems hectic lately.  Both kids are at super exhausting ages.  I’m still homeschooling C, but even that has taken a small set back just cause the days are getting away from me a bit.

he was not amused at our photo taking apparently.

Rich’s new schedule isn’t so bad we’ve come to realize.  He went back up to his shop as of Monday and he works the 7-3 shift.  So not too shabby.  His friend took the 11-730 shift claiming my husband was crazy and that was the better shift — it’s the better shift for a single sailor ;).  So they both got what they wanted.  I’d hate if he was on the 11-7:30.  I hated when he use to have that in San Diego, so I don’t think I’d like it anymore out here.  but 7-3 is pretty nice :).  plus duty days of course.  but the beauty of duty days is I get some me time at night, which is nice.  I usually paint my nails though nights.  and now his shop is letting the guys off at 9am the day after duty!  woohoo!  so I think we’ll start taking the kids to the indoor playground on the day after duty.  it’ll be good for all of us I think.

my workouts are still going well.  I’m redoing month 1 of Turbo Fire with 100% commitment.  I haven’t missed a SINGLE workout.  I’ve had to double up and rearrange a bit, but I haven’t skipped a workout yet.  I can see some results and the scale isn’t budging :P, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my muscles building cause I can FEEL my muscles in my things.  I just keep trudging along at my pace and doing the best I can.

I wish I had more time, but two kids are begging for attention so off I go!


3 thoughts on “life got in the way

  1. psssh you do so much, i dont even know how you have time to shower….all that cute mom stuff and i’m like IS IT BEDTIME YET [8am…lol]
    rock it pretty mama. you’re more than amazing

  2. What about your friends who want to keep up with youuuu? You need to blog more! Who cares about working out…isn’t typing a good work out for teh fingers? Yes?

    btw omg aren’t you sooo essssited for me to join the Instagram world soon?? I know I am! I’m excited just to have a phone that takes good pictures lol.

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