My husband is on leave this week.  He got off weekend duty on Monday morning and since it was a holiday, he was home around 9am.  His leave officially started on Tuesday, so it was like he had a whole extra day :).

family photo op FTW

We’ve been just enjoying having him home.  Especially after a duty weekend, we’re getting some things done we needed to do.  Like going to the store, taking the kids to the playground, etc.  We’ve been to the mall twice so the kids could play in the play area and we could walk around.

I think tomorrow we might finally branch out and go do something different, but we’ll see.  Not sure exactly what, but I know we are at least making one trip to Seattle while he’s home.  Maybe next week?  I know next week we are going to the fair as well.

It’s nice having him around.  I think today things were more relaxed than they’ve been in awhile.  Weekends just go by so fast lately that the kids and I barely have time to relax with him around.  I’m hoping this will help calm our house down cause we’ve kind of needed some family time.  The last time he had leave was in February, but we flew home.  So it’s been long overdue for him to have more than a weekend off.

I do know FRIDAY is our 4 year wedding anniversary!  So we will be having a date night.  We were going to get matching tattoos that night, but the artist and place we want are booked that evening, so we’re replanning that date, but it will happen :).  Just not this week.  It’ll be my first tattoo!  🙂  So instead I think we’re doing the standard movie and dinner, but it’ll still be a nice break and our first anniversary actually TOGETHER.


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