the simple things

So the easiest post to type up about leave would be the lazy days.  I don’t think we spent a lot of days at home 100%, but we spent a lot of days just doing the normal things.  Waking up with the kids, still getting our workouts in, letting the kids play around the house, going out on the patio before lunch, getting naptimes at home for both kids, and then maybe heading out to the store afterwards.

I have no words to explain why it’s SO NICE to just go to the grocery store as a family.  To be able to divide and conquer always makes things easier, to have my husband there to push the kids, to help distribute snacks, so nice!  Especially at places like Target.  We have a solid routine for Target — he takes J in a cart and I take C.  None of the giant carts that I hate that are like driving a boat, but we each have a kid and it stops any fighting, any jealousy over attention, and we both can go look at the things we want to look at [men’s clothes for him and sadly, baby clothes for me!  lol].  We almost always get two pretzels [unsalted, no butter] when we get there to split with the kids and it’s such an enjoyable shopping trip.  I love it.

We also went to the mall out here a few times to let the kids play in the play area.  It’s really nothing all that special, it’s actually pretty lame compared to most mall play areas, but it works and the kids have fun running around for a bit.  We’d let them play for about 30-45minutes [which I observed is way longer than most parents, most parents average 5 minutes, 10 minutes max there] and then head out to either get lunch in the food court or get a cookie at Mrs. Fields for the 4 of us to split.   We even got to shop a bit.

It was just nice.  In the evenings are kids were pretty calm cause they would get all their energy out at the mall and both parents were home, so life was good in their worlds.

After the kids would go to bed, we’d watch movies or play board games!  My husband and I really got into board games during his leave and I loved it.  We played Risk and Settlers of Catan [the card version, since the board game needs 3+] mostly, but it was so fun and had me researching for more games like those for us to play.  We even played Halo a few times together [I’m a video gamer girl at heart, but first person shooters are hard for me to follow cause I get dizzy too easily, lame I KNOW — I’m working on it!  My husband helped me with the controls and realized that I work much better with a the buttons set up differently — so I’m doing ok, still learning though, lol — and still prefer Final Fantasy games over this :P].  I loved our evenings together.  I love how geeky we are :P.

So life was just nice those days and that was the majority of the days he was home.  For the last 4 years of our marriage, he’s been deployed for almost 2 of those 4 years.  Ridiculous right?   We’ve officially been living together for the longest straight amount of time in our marriage and it’s definitely brought us closer, fixed a few holes we had, and given us a great routine that we’ve never had.  He was never home long enough for us to have a family routine.  So I think his leave accomplished what we really needed, time to just be a family <3.



playing Risk with the husband — with tea and cookies 🙂



I WON!!!!  🙂


we also did some minor rearranging of our living room.


most of his leave was like this — sunny, cool, and nice 🙂


family photo 🙂


life got in the way

Isn’t that how it always goes?

At least for us it is.  I mean to do so many things and I blink and it’s time to go to sleep at night.  My days are so FULL that I barely have time to be on the internet most days.  I’m making time right now, taking time away from other things [like my dishes in the dishwasher that need put away, or the laundry I need to get started] to fit this post in.

I feel like a crappy blog for that reason.  How does everyone else find time?  Seriously?!

I know, I know… you sacrifice time here to make time for things there.  Right?  I get that.  It’s how I workout more than most people who say they don’t have time to workout.  I make time for it.  And apparently internet is at the bottom of my list of priorities.

That’s not to say I’m not around.  I’m a huge Instagram nut — but that takes a few minutes to check and I can go about my day.  But blogging?  This takes more time than I feel I have lately.  So I’m trying.  I will eventually post about my husband’s leave so I can highlight the exciting points.

proof of my love of instagram! 🙂

Life just seems hectic lately.  Both kids are at super exhausting ages.  I’m still homeschooling C, but even that has taken a small set back just cause the days are getting away from me a bit.

he was not amused at our photo taking apparently.

Rich’s new schedule isn’t so bad we’ve come to realize.  He went back up to his shop as of Monday and he works the 7-3 shift.  So not too shabby.  His friend took the 11-730 shift claiming my husband was crazy and that was the better shift — it’s the better shift for a single sailor ;).  So they both got what they wanted.  I’d hate if he was on the 11-7:30.  I hated when he use to have that in San Diego, so I don’t think I’d like it anymore out here.  but 7-3 is pretty nice :).  plus duty days of course.  but the beauty of duty days is I get some me time at night, which is nice.  I usually paint my nails though nights.  and now his shop is letting the guys off at 9am the day after duty!  woohoo!  so I think we’ll start taking the kids to the indoor playground on the day after duty.  it’ll be good for all of us I think.

my workouts are still going well.  I’m redoing month 1 of Turbo Fire with 100% commitment.  I haven’t missed a SINGLE workout.  I’ve had to double up and rearrange a bit, but I haven’t skipped a workout yet.  I can see some results and the scale isn’t budging :P, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my muscles building cause I can FEEL my muscles in my things.  I just keep trudging along at my pace and doing the best I can.

I wish I had more time, but two kids are begging for attention so off I go!

Can I Sum It All Up?

Challenge Accepted :).

So with leave over officially, life is slowly turning back to normal.  Rich officially went back to work on Friday, but he got off at 10:30 and went out to lunch with the guys and then came home.  And then it was the weekend.  So really, TODAY feels like the first day after leave.  He only wanted to go back on Friday so he didn’t have to be charged for Saturday and Sunday leave [so stupid how that’s set up o.O].

The kids and I are having a lazy morning.  We need it.  Cartoons, snacks, playtime, etc.  The kids are currently zoned out in a Wonder Pets episode, so I thought I’d take a breather and see what I could type up.  Later today, I need to get the laundry going and start some small clean up.  My house is clean [my father in law came to visit and we had a babysitter Saturday night, so I had to clean at least the down stairs ;)], but there are some parts of my house [like the master bath] that need to be cleaned still.

I think I’ll talk about leave as a whole and then do separate blog posts for each big event so this post doesn’t get too wordy.

What did we do while my husband was on leave?  Let me list 🙂

  • County Fair was the BIG thing we did
  • a bunch of trips to the mall for the play area for the kids!
  • a visit from my Father in Law
  • a date night for our anniversary [and got ink’d ;)]
  • a date night to a roller derby!
  • a ton of time at home with Daddy!

When we went into the leave period we had a HUGE list of things we wanted to do.  And about Wednesday or Thursday of the first week of his leave we talked it out.  We realized this is the first time he’s been on leave and we are not A: coming off a deployment, B: getting ready for a deployment, or C: visiting family back home.  We don’t HAVE to run ourselves ragged.  We can just relax and take our time.  My husband got a ton of video game time in, I got to workout in the middle of the morning while the kids were awake, we both slept in, we both relaxed, we watched a bunch of TV, played board games together, etc.  So it was a nice relaxing leave and I’m glad we didn’t push ourselves to do more.

That being said, a few of the things on our list will become Saturday trips now, which works.  It’ll be busier I’m sure, but we’ll be fine.  One of the items :: the Bug Museum :: is now planned to time up with my homeschooling lesson we’re going through!  More on that later.

So that’s our leave in a nutshell.  I’m glad to get back to normal.  I miss having my husband home already, but the kids are so much more relaxed in the morning when it’s just me home, that it’s nice.  And I love my one on one kid time I get.

My husband’s schedule is also about to change.  He most likely is going to have crappier hours, so I think he took leave at a great time to get us ready for him to be gone more again.

I’ll elaborate more on everything with photos in a bit, but to some up leave the best, I think this photo will do::



My husband is on leave this week.  He got off weekend duty on Monday morning and since it was a holiday, he was home around 9am.  His leave officially started on Tuesday, so it was like he had a whole extra day :).

family photo op FTW

We’ve been just enjoying having him home.  Especially after a duty weekend, we’re getting some things done we needed to do.  Like going to the store, taking the kids to the playground, etc.  We’ve been to the mall twice so the kids could play in the play area and we could walk around.

I think tomorrow we might finally branch out and go do something different, but we’ll see.  Not sure exactly what, but I know we are at least making one trip to Seattle while he’s home.  Maybe next week?  I know next week we are going to the fair as well.

It’s nice having him around.  I think today things were more relaxed than they’ve been in awhile.  Weekends just go by so fast lately that the kids and I barely have time to relax with him around.  I’m hoping this will help calm our house down cause we’ve kind of needed some family time.  The last time he had leave was in February, but we flew home.  So it’s been long overdue for him to have more than a weekend off.

I do know FRIDAY is our 4 year wedding anniversary!  So we will be having a date night.  We were going to get matching tattoos that night, but the artist and place we want are booked that evening, so we’re replanning that date, but it will happen :).  Just not this week.  It’ll be my first tattoo!  🙂  So instead I think we’re doing the standard movie and dinner, but it’ll still be a nice break and our first anniversary actually TOGETHER.