Sand in the City

On Sunday we took a small road trip to Olympia.  We decided to check out “Sand in the City” since it was a completely free event!  Free parking and free admission and free activities for kids to do?!  SOLD!

So we took off early in the morning, stopped off in Gig Harbor for some yummy Qdoba, then trucked on down to Olympia.  Our kids both napped in the car, so we figured we’d have a good shot at both of them being in good spirits while there.  [though we were unaware that all four of us were coming down with a horrible cold!]

So we arrived, parked, and made the walke up to the event.  We LOVED it!  There were tons of really cool sand sculptures to look at and then literally TONS of activities for the kids.  We didn’t even have time to do them all because our littlest one threw a fit cause he didn’t feel well at all.  [he is patient zero and gave all of us whatever cold he had caught!]


when we first got there — Daddy showing C around one of the sand sculptures.  She was more in love with the balloon than the sand at the moment ;).




just some of the cool sculptures we saw!  they were so detailed!



playing in the sand pit together.



just some of the cool things the kids got to play with while we were there and then the two things we purchased for C to take home.  the pirate necklace was a whim — it was only 50cents!  and the magnifying glass was so she could examine things closer outside and while we homeschool.  we’ve been looking at leaves and bugs lately [and we’re taking the kids to a bug museum while my husband is on vacation!], so this was a perfect purchase!



on the walk back to the car!  I just can’t get over how much he looks like a big kid now :).



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