I love my mornings.

I love waking up.

taking my time to wake up and checking my interwebs.


getting dressed, blow drying my hair.

making breakfast for the kids.

making breakfast for me.

getting the kids up and dressed.

getting the rooms cleaned up.

beds made.

laundry started.

dog fed and walked.

dishes put away.

it takes me 3 hours from the time I wake up before I actually sit down to relax in the morning.

but I still love it.

it takes even longer if I work out in the morning.  then it’s about 5 hours before my butt will sit down again.  but it’s worth it and I love our routine.

I love it so much that on days  like today where I don’t get to have it, I miss it.  I love running errands, but I much rather run them in the afternoon.  I feel rushed when I have to do things in the morning.


here’s to the next 3 mornings where I know we’re not going anywhere and I can relax in the morning <3.


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